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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Favorite folders

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Favorite folders

We've added folders to your Favorites section to keep it tidy and well-organized. You'll see the option to create a folder by hovering over the word Favorites in your sidebar. To add favorites to a folder, open the folder and then drag and drop them in. You can open favorites from your sidebar or with the shortcut O then F.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Zoomed images inside of modals can once again be closed with a click
  • Introduced a new tab component. Tabs are both nicer to look at and more A11Y friendly.
  • Fix where moving an issue to another team would redirect to an unrelated issue
  • When navigating to an issue, keyboard shortcuts for scrolling work automatically
  • Improved the cycle order when grouping by cycle
  • It is now possible to add links to authenticated URLs onto issues
  • Stale issues with a future due date will no longer be automatically closed after the configured time period
  • Lists and ordered lists can now be changed into to-do lists automatically
  • Webhooks will now be correctly sent when a project is deleted
  • Improved the styling of sidebar popovers when transparent sidebar is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where users imported from JIRA could have invalid email addresses on account
  • [Front integration] It's now possible to reload and logout from Front integration when error messages are displayed
  • Errors when writing operations to the local database will no longer fail the entire operation if the client is online
  • Fixed an issue with the GitHub commit integration moving issues that had already been completed back to the merged status
  • Increased contrast for banners in the sidebar
  • Workspace labels are now available in the Intercom integration
  • Fixed shortcuts to move items between columns when board isn't grouped by workflow state
  • Our README page tells a new story in a fresh coat of paint
  • Keyboard shortcut D has temporarily been added back for deleting inbox notifications as we research other options
  • Esc key to exit image zoom no longer also exits an open modal at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars could be rendered over the content
  • Documentation search will now automatically open when ?q is part of the URL
  • Changed position and labels of the Save and Reset buttons in view preferences
  • The Set parent issue action is now performant in organizations with many issues
  • Fixed issue where a duplicate workspace URL wasn't handled correctly when creating a new workspace