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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Roadmap filters

Filters for Roadmap & Projects

We recently overhauled filters for issues and now we've also added filters to the Roadmap and Projects pages. These filters will help you get a better view of what's going on in your projects and refine views to just the projects you want to see. You can filter the Roadmap or team Projects pages by project name, status, teams, project lead, members and start, target, updated, and completion dates. Just like when filtering issues, you can combine and modify filters.

Placeholders for templates

We've upgraded issue templates to include the option to add a "placeholder" which can be easily filled out by teammates later when they use the template. To add a placeholder simply select some text when editing a template and click the aA icon in the toolbar to convert it. When a teammate uses the template, they simply need to start typing in the placeholder text area to replace it with text and relevant issue details.

Split Inbox

A couple weeks ago we released Split Inbox as a preview feature and we've now enabled it for everyone using Linear. The new interface for the Inbox allows you to view your list of notifications side by side with the issue related to the notification, making it easier and faster to go through your notifications and take actions with more context.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could cause headings in context menus to be truncated
  • Team members already subscribed to an issue will now be shown at the top of the subscribers list
  • Templates can now be moved from a specific team to the workspace
  • Fixed size of icons in document header
  • Fixed a bug that would mess up the order when dragging multiple issues
  • The O + v keyboard shortcut to navigate to views will now also work if you only have shared views rather than created views
  • [API] Added case insensitive filter comparators for string filters: eqIgnoreCase, neqIgnoreCase, containsIgnoreCase, notContainsIgnoreCase
  • Added "not set" options to due date and completed date filters
  • Comments now have contextual menus for comment related actions
  • Creating a new label now accepts custom HEX colors when created through the command menu
  • Fixed bug where "Create more" issues options didn't respect selected status in all instances
  • Fixed icon colors in menus
  • Added new icons for views and projects
  • Estimates in issue lists are now aligned evenly
  • Fix wording on due date filter to use 'ago' instead of 'from now' like other date filters
  • "Open in desktop app" menu items now work correctly when the app was not previously open
  • Improved how multiple labels are displayed on boards