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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Front integration and universal links

Front integration

We're excited to add Front integration to Linear. Similar to our Zendesk and Intercom integrations, this lets you create or link existing Linear issues from Front conversations. If you've set up Triage for your team, then issues created in Front will show up there for your team to review and prioritize. From Front you can view more information about linked issues such as the assignee, status, and priority. We also re-open archived conversations when linked issues have been marked as completed or canceled.

The integration is build using Front's new Links API which adds Linear links directly into Front's conversation interface. Link one or multiple issues directly from the Linear integration in the Front app sidebar or from a Linear issue by adding the conversation URL. Enable the feature in workspace settings.

Universal links

We're rolling out a new change that will allow you to choose to have links open in the desktop app automatically instead of opening them in your default browser. Keep an eye out for the in-app prompt to remember this setting! The preference call also be toggled under account preferences.

Fixes and improvements

  • Up arrow key in comments now allows editing the previous comment
  • The vertical line to Today on Roadmap now slowly moves as time flows
  • Issue suggestions with # in the editor are now smarter and easier to use
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly calculate the end-time of cycles in certain timezones during the switch from daylight saving time to winter time
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-close issues settings couldn't be disabled
  • Updated design of popovers for related issues
  • Pressing Enter after : no longer always inserts an emoji 😅
  • Cycle indicators in issues no longer treat years as cycle numbers
  • Inline filtering of boards and views now persists between reloads and page transitions
  • Pressing Enter on a check-boxed command menu item will now de-select the item instead of closing the menu if the item hasn't previously been toggled using space
  • The integration from which someone created the issue is now displayed in the issue history alongside the issue creator
  • Project documents now display the last user that edited them
  • Improved the way sub-actions are displayed in the command menu when searching for actions
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts wouldn't work after clicking a favorite link
  • Menus now always open sub-actions in place, instead of in the big command menu
  • Improved matching when searching for filter options
  • Fixed erroneous matching of URLs to issue identifiers in issue descriptions and comments
  • All filter options are now searchable in the new filters menu
  • Restored Escape to cancel editing issues
  • Improved performance of the new filter UI on large views
  • Current assignee name is now shown on tooltip within Issue rows
  • Fixed posting of linkbacks to GitLab merge requests
  • Fixed bug in timestamps that could display "0y ago"
  • [API] Fixed a bug that caused OAuth application webhooks to not update properly
  • [API] Optimized the execution of more complicated queries leading to faster GraphQL queries
  • [API] Many endpoints now validate for null values in inputs instead of responding with an internal server error