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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Issue view layout

Issue view layout

There's one aspect of the layout of the application that we haven't been too fond of since the beginning: The way the issue page renders on larger screens. We didn't want to make the issue content column too broad to keep the issue content readable, so we extended the issue details pane to the side of the screen. But this never looked quite right on on larger window sizes. We've been putting off fixing this as we have bigger changes planned for the issue page, but this week we finally decided to fix it and not wait for a bigger redesign.

We're now centering the issue content when your window size grows beyond a certain size. The issue details panel will also grow proportionally with your screen size, giving you more room for all the labels your issue might have.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated design of the project bars in timeline
  • It is now possible to resize the width of the left aside on the timeline page
  • Fixed a bug causing the upgrade notification not to be clickable if it was triggered by the fast issue creation modal
  • Zendesk integration now supports linking tickets from Zendesk installations with a custom domain
  • Imported issues will now have their completed or canceled dates properly set if that can be determined, or set as the time of import if not
  • API: Fixed a bug that was causing attachmentCreate to fail when passing the short format issue id rather than a UUID
  • Improved contextual menu rendering performance
  • Fixed side-scrolling issues with contextual menus
  • Fixed some smaller corner roundness issues on the comment menu
  • Workspace member settings have an upgraded design
  • Fixed the workspace member settings not to show actions that the user can't undertake if they are not an admin.
  • The keyboard shortcut for setting an issue due date has been changed from Cmdd to Shiftd
  • The cycles page now contains better instructions on how to find the estimates settings, should it not be enabled
  • Fixing an overflow problem when editing milestones
  • Fixed problems editing the name of a project
  • Deleting a team will now force you to type out the name of the team to make sure that users are deleting the intended team
  • Alert dialogs with an input prompt now display input errors animated
  • Fixed regression with command menu checkboxes