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New updates and improvements to Linear.


Fixes and improvements

This week we've been focusing on larger upcoming functionality, so we only have minor fixes and improvements.

  • Descript shared URLs are now embedded automatically in issue descriptions and comments.
  • Issue editing actions in the fast issue editor now use the same keyboard shortcuts than in the rest of the application. To use the keyboard shortcuts, the title or description fields can't be focused.
  • Issue editing actions in the issue view will now open pop-overs attached to the appropriate properties in the side pane.
  • Opening issue peek using a quick press on has been fixed to work more reliably
  • When pressing "Add label" in the issue view will now bring up a popover that lets you toggle any label on and off.
  • When you have a sub-action editor open in the issue view, any issue editing actions triggered via the action menu or keyboard will target that sub-action unless you're hovering over another sub-action
  • Issue peek will now disappear when the fast issue editor is opened
  • Fixes a regression that could cause startup to be slow, especially on Safari and Firefox
  • You can now delete an import up to 7 days after it was created.
  • Fixed several bugs with the GitHub importer
  • Fixed a bug with our Clubhouse importer
  • Inserting a reference to an issue inside a description or a comment won't remove the rest of the sentence after it anymore
  • It is now easier to select the workspace where you want an OAuth application to be installed
  • Labels with the "%" character, like "50%", will now open correct URLs with proper encoding
  • When filtering issues, "By creator" filter will now group all suspended users as a single entry
  • Fixed some entries showing twice in the context menu
  • The background of modal dialogs are once again tinted darker on macOS