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Report issues directly from Hotjar

Hotjar create Linear issue modal
Hotjar create Linear issue modal


The Hotjar and Linear integration allows you to report and investigate bugs before they become a problem. Easily create an issue in Linear when you spot a bug in a recording, survey, or feedback response in Hotjar. The issue will include all the info your team needs to get to work, like the URL where feedback was left, a link to the corresponding recording, or extra details about the error that occurred.

How it works

The Linear integration makes it easy to report issues and prioritize a fix directly from Hotjar. It streamlines collaboration flows and gives your developers more context for a fix. With the Hotjar and Linear integration you can create Linear issues from:

  • Recordings in Hotjar. It’ll automatically include a link to your recording for quick access—and quicker fixes.
  • Console errors in recordings. As well as a link to the recording, your engineers will have all the background they need to understand what’s happening under the hood.
  • Heatmaps or recording highlights. Triage issues fast with a link to the highlight as well as session and heatmap details, and the associated label.
  • Feedback or survey responses. Your team can view the full response, the URL where the user left the feedback, and a link to the corresponding recording if it’s available.

To Configure

Create issues from:

  • A recording by pressing Share
  • A survey or feedback response by pressing the Linear icon
  • A console error in recordings by pressing the Linear icon in the Actions menu
  • A highlight by pressing the Linear icon in the Actions menu

Links to recordings, responses, and highlights, as well as console errors, will automatically be added to the issue description.

See the help article for more information on using the Hotjar and Linear integration.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building