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Create Linear issues from a customizable intake form.

Fillout form
Create new Linear issues from Fillout form submissions
Fillout form
Create new Linear issues from Fillout form submissions
Apps in Fillout featuring Linear
Connect Linear to a customizable form in just a few clicks.
Fillout form with various values
Set the priority, status, project, and more dynamically based on form submissions


Create new Linear Issues from a customizable Fillout form. Commonly used to collect bug reports, act on product feedback surveys, manage new project proposals, internal requests and more..

How it works

Fillout is a powerful form builder that automates your data intake workflows. With the Linear integration, create new issues dynamically based on form and survey submissions.

First, define the priority, status, project, issue title and description assigned to new issues. You can even customize the type of issue that's created based on a particular form submission. For example, mark certain issues as high priority depending on the respondent's selections.

Once your form is created, embed it on any site or share the link directly with customers, partners or internal stakeholders. Manage results from the Fillout dashboard and optionally let users update their existing form submissions.


To install the Fillout integration for Linear, create your free account and get started here.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

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