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Track time, estimate tasks, set up a fixed-fee or recurring budget for your projects

everhour extension visible in Linear
everhour extension visible in Linear
Everhour on board view in Linear
Everhour timesheet


Everhour is a time-tracking software for your browser that integrates directly into Linear.

How it works

Once integrated, time-tracking controls will naturally appear right inside the Linear interface, making it easy to track time and improving time-tracking accuracy.

Everhour periodically syncs your projects, so any new Linear projects will automatically be visible in Everhour reports. If you update an issue or project name in Linear, Everhour will also reflect that change. This way, your Everhour reports will always display the freshest data.


1. Sign up to Everhour and start a free trial.

2. You'll be prompted to connect your Linear account during signup and install the Everhour browser extension. This extension allows Everhour to embed controls into the Linear interface.

3. Invite your team to join Everhour. Only those you invite into Everhour will be able to track time and see progress. Not necessarily all Linear users.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building