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Cycle Report

Create reports of your cycles that your clients can review and sign off on

Cycle reports site showing sprint progress to share with clients
Cycle reports site showing sprint progress to share with clients
Dashboards with graphs in cycle reports interface
Cycle report interface showing option for report signing via SMS-confirmation


Cycle Report allows you and your clients to work flexibly and stay transparent in every step of the process. By fetching information about your cycles from Linear into Cycle Report, you’re able to create reports for your clients that are easy accessible, understandable and ready to sign.

How it works

Cycle Report is all about making manual processes simple and easy to understand for everyone. Once connected with Linear, it synchronises all relevant data, including information about teams, projects, and sprints, with a database in your workspace. It eliminates the need for manual reports and makes it easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand agile processes.

By collecting your clients information in the internal client database the signing of reports gets fully automated. Simply send them the report and let them sign it via SMS-confirmation. No need to send your client manual updates, they will get notified if there are changes to the agreed scope.

Cycle Report works as a web app and connects to Linear through the official Linear API. Webhooks keep your data updated in real time and OAuth 2.0 Authentication will guarantee a secure connection.


Create an account and easily connect Cycle Report with your Linear workspace in a few clicks. One tip: Via the help center, that is easily accessible on the whole app in the bottom right corner of Cycle Report, you will find helpful articles about the whole setup process.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building