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Connect ClearFeed with Linear to efficiently manage and track issues from Slack

Create issues from Slack with Clearfeed
Create issues from Slack with Clearfeed
Sync between Clearfeed and Slack


Connect ClearFeed with Linear to efficiently manage and track issues from Slack, streamlining team workflows and communication.

How it works

ClearFeed's integration with Linear allows the filing and tracking of Linear issues directly from Slack. Users can easily file Linear issues from Slack messages, selecting relevant content and attachments to include, and customize issue details such as team selection, title, description, and priority.

A standout feature of this integration is the bi-directional sync between Slack and Linear. Updates in Linear, including comments and status changes, are automatically reflected in Slack, and vice versa. This ensures team members are consistently aligned and informed, regardless of their primary platform, enhancing collaboration and transparency in issue management.

This integration is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, fitting seamlessly into daily workflows and bridging the communication and task management gap.


Linear workspace admins can approve ClearFeed integration access:

  • Click on the Gear icon in the lower left to access Account Settings, then select the 'Integration' tab.
  • Click 'Connect' next to Linear (If not already logged in, you'll be prompted to log in to your Linear account.)
  • In Linear, authorize the integration by clicking the 'Authorize' button.
  • After authorization, you'll be redirected back to ClearFeed, where a success message confirms the integration.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building