Manage Members

Invite and mange members of your team.


You can manually invite, suspend, and promote/demote members to admin roles from the workspace members settings page.

G then S to go to settings, then go to Workspace > Members


Manage members under Settings > Workspace > Members. The workspace members page should not be confused with team members pages, located under each team's settings, which manages team membership only.


Invite members

Go to the Settings > Workspace > Members to invite new members to your workspace by email. They'll receive an invite link by email and then follow steps to join the workspace. On paid plans, only admins can invite new members to the workspace. You can also set up allowed email domains to automatically approve members with matching email addresses upon account creation.

Join teams

Inviting a member to your Linear workspace gives them access to the workspace. They'll still have to join at least one team during the onboarding process and be given a selection of teams to join. We recommend providing guidance if you have more than one team. Members can join or leave any team in the workspace as well as view and create issues in all teams, whether or not they're members of those teams.

Admin roles

On free plans, all members of the workspace have admin privileges. On paid plans, the creator of the workspace and/or whoever pays for the subscription are granted admin roles. Admins can grant or remove admin roles by looking up the user in the workspace members page, then clicking the three dot menu and selecting to promote to admin or make a member.

Suspend members

Anyone can search for and view members in their workspace from the workspace members page. To suspend someone from the workspace, click on the three dot menu next to their name and then choose suspend .They'll be removed from the workspace and unable to access it unless unsuspended. At the moment, there isn't a way to remove or hide suspended members from the list but you can filter the list to not show these members.

Voluntarily leave

To leave a workspace but retain the option to join it again, you can leave your workspace voluntarily. Filter for your name and then click Leave Workspace. View all accessible workspaces by clicking + Create or Join Workspace.


All Linear plans allow unlimited members. On free plans, anyone can manage and invite members to a workspace. On paid plans, only admins can do so as it affects billing. Yearly subscribers will be charged or credited a prorated amount when members are added or removed to their workspace. Learn more in our Billing FAQ.