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Billing and plans

We offer a free plan and two different paid plans to suit your needs.

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There are a few things to know about how plans work at Linear:

  • The Free plan is designed for trialing Linear. Free plan users have access to almost all Standard plan features, all integrations, and unlimited users. The only features not available on the free plan are admin controls and private teams (since it requires admin controls). You'll be asked to upgrade to a paid plan once you surpass 250 active issues or 300MB in monthly data uploads. Archived issues and imported issues do not count toward the 250 issue limit.
  • The Standard plan is suitable for most companies. If you're not sure which plan to get, upgrade to this one.
  • The Plus plan offers a few additional security and enterprise related features including login restrictions, SAML authentication, and audit logs. You can upgrade to the Plus plan at anytime.
  • Plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. More below but you get a discount if you purchase yearly.

When you create a workspace, you'll automatically be added to the Free plan. Upgrade your workspace in workspace plan settings.