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Customer Story


Straightforward and helpful

Cohere needed a solution that simplified project collaboration and brought visibility to our team roadmaps. We piloted Linear with a few early adopters, and within a few weeks it went viral within the company.

Linear strikes a nice balance of being very easy to onboard a team to, while being quite configurable for more advanced usage. As an AI company, the way our teams operate can be quite diverse, with some teams finding less value in very detailed task tracking. But Linear’s method of aligning work around Projects and Teams means that we are now two clicks away from being able to see a living roadmap for any team at the company, regardless of the differences in how the teams track work. It provides a meaningful improvement over our previous tooling, which obscured most of this information, and it has cut down on an over-reliance on Slack as the primary method of staying up to date.

We’ve also found the Linear team to be very responsive before, during and after onboarding, and they are actively addressing any product feedback we’ve had. It’s been a great experience working with them.

Signature of Andrew von Rosenbach
Andrew von Rosenbach
Senior Engineering Program Manager