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Customer Story

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Perfectly meets expectations

I love how opinionated Linear is. It helps us move fast. There’s more “doing” and less figuring out how to do it.

The fact that the tool is designed to help me understand what is going on, make decisions, triage, and follow up on issues makes my life and my team’s life easier. I also couldn’t imagine a native experience that was better. The intuition of how I expect an application to work is almost perfectly mirrored in what you’ve built in Linear. I judge a lot of products on how easy it is to take basic actions like change things or edit text. In Linear, it’s incredibly natural. Whether I want to edit text or drag an issue, it just works. It feels like an extension of myself when I use it and that’s a testament to the time and thought that went into building and thinking about how people are going to use the product.

Signature of Brian Michel
Brian Michel
Engineering Manager