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Customer Story


Designed for teams like us

Linear’s performance is incredible - the best perceived speed of any web app I’ve ever used.

We were constantly fighting our existing issue tracking tool to support EPD. We felt there was a lot of “work about work” to keep tasks and projects organized. Views easily got out of date and required fine tuning. It was difficult to search for issues and then save those views. It became clear to us that we were trying to get our previous issue tracker to do something that it simply wasn’t built to do well.

Linear is different. It has a better model and structure for engineering orgs. Sprints, points, priority, and status are all treated as first class properties of tasks. Search and filtering are powerful and the timeline view is one of the best I’ve seen. The command palette and keyboard shortcuts make it way faster to move around and do things, too.

Linear is more opinionated than other tools. There aren’t multiple ways to use it. This actually has made it easier to learn and adopt across the organization. It’s also an app full of great ideas that can inspire our own product development.

Signature of Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason
CEO & Founder