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Customer Story


Streamlined complex projects and teams

Taxes, retirement, and health insurance have traditionally been independent silos, so the problem we’re solving is complex, dynamic, and operationally interwoven. To do it well, we need to execute flawlessly on the basics to stay focused on delivering the larger vision. Strong command of our tools and processes is critical.

Linear gets the structure just right. It’s clear but flexible. It’s opinionated but you never feel like you’re fighting the tool. You can customize the app to suit your needs but it’s not a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Every team at Catch users Linear– engineering, design, operations, engagement, compliance. Teams structure their work differently and use different features, yet we’re all able to work together closely with a single thread. Finance and insurance are both complex and regulated industries, so it’s especially helpful to be able to create a connected plan across different activities and know whether we’re facing something within or out of our immediate control. 

It really clicked with the Roadmap release. Now we have one place to go for all of our projects with tracked progress per team. Intuitive graphics to show momentum or potential overrun. Figma designs, Github pull requests, Notion product specs, and Intercom customer conversations are all linked together. Linear forms a common backbone and is the singular thread that aligns different pieces and parts of projects together.

Signature of Andrew Ambrosino
Andrew Ambrosino
CTO/CPO & Founder