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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Project timeframes

Target date shown as Q1 with options to set it for a specific day or broader resolutions such as month, quarter, half-year, or year

Project timeframes

Use broad date ranges as project start and target dates instead of specific ones. This lets you plan project timelines at your current level of certainty, such as next month, quarter, or year, when they more accurately reflect product timelines.

  • Plan ahead by selecting more flexible target dates
  • Filter your view to just the timeframe that matters (e.g. Q2 projects)
  • See roadmaps in different time resolutions (e.g. group by month)
  • Communicate launch timelines to colleagues
Roadmap grouped by quarter

Customize cycle dates

You can now customize cycle start and end dates to coincide with planning meetings and match the rhythm of your team.

  • Choose the exact start date when activating cycles
  • Edit the start or end date of individual cycles to work around holidays
  • Navigate between individual cycle pages with Opt/Alt + J/K
  • Issues completed during cooldowns are now attributed to the previous cycle