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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Jira Sync

Linear and Jira logos with arrows between them indicating data transfer

Jira Sync

We’ve upgraded our existing integration with Jira to support two-way syncing and added support for more fields including synced comment threads. If you work with colleagues who use Jira, or need to keep a Jira project updated while working on issues in Linear, Jira Sync makes this seamless and efficient.

Enable Jira Sync to link Jira projects to Linear teams. Any issues created in the linked Jira project will appear in Linear and vice versa. Updates to an issue title, description, assignee, status, label(s), and priority will sync immediately across both applications. Use the synced comment thread in Linear to see and reply to comments posted in Jira.

To start syncing issues from your Jira project, set up the integration in settings. Existing Jira Link users can follow these instructions to enable bi-directional syncing. The integration syncs newly created issues only; to import existing Jira issues into a Linear team, use our migration assistant.