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New updates and improvements to Linear.

New Git automation: Ready for merge

A screenshot of the git workflow settings.

New Git automation: Ready for merge

You can now add issue status automations for pull requests that have passed checks and are ready to be merged. This new workflow step is available for both GitHub and GitLab and can be configured in your team’s Workflow settings.

Linear will capture both approvals and passing checks/pipelines according to your repository’s branch protection rules. For example, if you require two approvals and specific checks to pass, Linear will update the issue status only when those conditions are met.

The new status automation can be combined with a View Subscription to subscribe to all new issues that are marked as ready for merge which can be helpful for QA workflows. It also allows you to differentiate between issues in code review versus issues that have been approved.

Improved authentication controls

A screenshot of Linear's auth settings page

We shipped significantly improved controls to manage your authentication sessions. The new Security & Access settings page lists all authenticated desktop application and browser sessions with security information such as location, IP address, and last seen status. This makes it easier than ever to audit access to your account. You'll also find a list of all OAuth integrations you have granted access to.

To enable this level of granularity we completely reworked how Linear handles sessions behind the scenes. As a result, we now also allow better control over session length so you won't get logged out by surprise.