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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Slack Sync

Comment thread in a Linear issue showing a synced thread from Slack

Slack sync

You can now bi-directionally sync comments, shared files, and important status changes between Slack and Linear.

When you choose to sync a Slack thread with a Linear issue, any message or file posted in the Slack thread will automatically cross-post to a comment thread in the Linear issue and vice versa. Linear also posts updates to the synced thread when the issue is completed, closed, or opened. This keeps everyone following along in Slack updated.

You can sync an issue with a Slack thread anytime you create an issue from a Slack message using the More actions menu. To link an existing issue to a thread, post the issue link as a reply to the thread you want to sync and then select Sync thread from the quick actions menu.

This update reduces context-switching between Slack and Linear and keeps conversations aligned across both applications. Anyone in your Slack workspace can reply and see issue updates in synced threads, and messages they post in Slack will be visible in Linear as well.

Slack sync also works in shared Slack channels. If you have a shared channel set up with a customer, for example, you can use Slack sync to keep people outside of your Linear workspace updated on bugs or features they’ve requested.

You may need to reinstall your workspace's Slack integration to access this update. Learn more in our documentation.

Breadcrumb navigation

Linear now features breadcrumbs at the top of most pages as a way to navigate through the product. As you move through Linear, your path will be displayed. Select a breadcrumb to move back to the previous page.