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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Improved Drag & Drop

A screenshot of Linear's updated drag-and-drop functionality

Improved Drag & Drop

Easily reorganize your issue lists by dragging and dropping issues into different groups regardless of your chosen ordering method.

To try this out, click and hold an issue within a group and drag it to another group; the issue will automatically be placed in the new group and update accordingly. On a page grouped by status for example, dropping an issue into a new group will move that issue to the new group and update its status automatically.

Vercel integration

Vercel released their official Linear integration. It allows Vercel users to convert feedback from comments on Preview Deployments into actionable Linear issues.

When leaving comments on Vercel Preview Deployments you’ll have the option to Convert to Issue which will prompt you to create an issue that will appear in your Linear board under a selected project. Your comment screenshots and replies will also appear in your issue.