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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Sub-issues Improvements

Screenshot of various new sub-issue features and improvements

Sub-issues improvements

Sub-issues have received a major upgrade and now include features like bulk selection, templates, duplicating a parent and its sub-issues, turning checklists into sub-issues, adding existing issues and even converting to a project.

Learn more about sub-issues in our short video guide.

Airbyte Integration

With the new Airbyte integration you can load your Linear data into any data warehouse, lake or database in minutes. Create custom analytics and dashboards for your company and update it on any schedule through Airbyte.

This integration is available to users on the Linear Plus plan.

Quick access to team-specific Views

We added a new Views link to the Team section of the sidebar. Views is the place where you can find all custom views that have been shared within that respective team. By adding it to the sidebar, you'll get faster access to all the Views that are most relevant for you and your team.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Parent issue is preserved when duplicating a sub-issue
  • Fixed a problem where you could see two toasts informing that there's a new version of Linear
  • Zoom button on Roadmap page is extracted out view options dropdown.
  • Added new action to create a sub-issue from a template
  • You will now see a welcome message when opening the Linear Slack integration's message tab for the first time
  • Upcoming cycle has a consistent link /team/cycles/upcoming
  • Sub-issue template selector has search input if there are many templates
  • You can now join any team directly from the command menu
  • Fixed hiding columns grouped by priority in board view
  • Fixes an issue when user tries to archive already removed notification
  • Grouping by priority now includes all priorities, including empty ones.
  • Documents can now be edited directly inline, and we removed the separate document edit mode
  • Fixed a bug where status groups would be incorrectly ordered in multi-team views
  • Each team's section in the sidebar have a new link to see all views shared with this team
  • Fixed an issue where vertical lines for months and weekends would not be visible anymore on the timeline
  • Renamed titles in issue's history can now be selected
  • Non-bold text pasted from Google Docs will no longer be bold.
  • Fixed an error that could happen when starting to edit an issue description, causing a keypress to be lost
  • A separate board link in the sidebar is removed in favor of the list/board toggle in all team views
  • Typing the slash command /linear help in Slack will now provide you with helpful information about the Linear Slack integration
  • Fixed a problem that could potentially make clients drop into offline mode and not try to recover from it
  • Grouping by cycle now includes all cycles for the selected teams, including empty cycles.
  • Scrollbars now have the correct appearance in dark themes
  • There's now a button to go to the assignee from the issue details pane
  • Fixed a problem where checking checkboxes in issues and comments would either not save correctly or not propegate to other users.
  • Fixed a problem where figma embeds would not correctly get a preview image
  • Fixed a bug that would cause navigation confirmation prompts when navigating from issues with Figma embeds
  • Improved app startup performance
  • Fixed an issue where an issue draft would get lost if you resized your screen