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Linear Release 2020.12

Next level for builders

In this release, we are taking our software development tool to the next level. Linear fits into your builder workflow even better with a product roadmap, customizable views, list controls, sorting options and an enhanced sub-issue editor.

Tactile feel

Update multiple issues quickly and confidently with smoother issue selection, contextual menus for mouse users and global undo.

Roadmap: Codify the company direction

Set milestones to tie projects to larger company goals and motivate your team. Clarify the company direction so that everyone knows why their work matters and how to prioritize it. View all company projects in one streamlined view and easily identify what needs your attention.

Industry’s best performance

We shipped several performance improvements for speedier launch, list viewing and scrolling.
Open issue from list view
Add a label to 100 issues

Streamlined views

Show relevant information. Hide the rest. Display options let you see the work how you want to.
Search faster with content search for lists and boards.

Views: Add faster workflows

Create and save custom views that include exactly the issues you want to see. Focus better by filtering only relevant issues. Save time by creating views for common workflows. Manage work across teams easily with new all team and multi-team views. Share views with your team or workspace to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Smarter notifications

Trigger notifications when it matters. We added more granular notification options for desktop, email and Slack.

React with custom emoji

Make the workspace your own with custom emoji. Import from Slack or upload as you go.

Integrations support OAuth2

Linear OAuth and GraphQL API bring more power to you and your favorite tools. Build extensions and add integrations securely.

Enhanced sub-issues

We redesigned sub-issue creation and navigation for a faster, more complete experience. Add a description, labels and cycles directly from the issue editor.

A theme for every occasion

Use one of our themes or create your own to match your other tools.

Linear Method:Practices for building

Explore how we think software development should work.
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Linear raises $13M Series A led by Sequoia Capital

Linear is used and loved by thousands of organizations to help them deliver high quality software.
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The next generation of startups is built on Linear

Linear keeps everyone aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, and peers all collaborating in one tool.

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Before everything was scattered across GitHub, notes, reminders, Google Docs and just a bunch of different places.

We've centralized all of it in Linear and greatly benefited from all of the automations.
Brian Vallelunga, Founder & CEO
I think that one of the things that really high performing teams do is go from product feedback and into an execution. You err towards speed of execution because that’s how you find product-market fit and that’s ultimately what “make something people want” means.

Linear, in my opinion, is optimized for this and where it’s best in class.
Troy Goode, Co-founder & CEO
Our product got better and our releases got shorter and we’ve had fewer bugs because we now have every single detail written down in Linear.
Michael Lukaszczyk, CEO & Co-founder
When we're talking about something, whether it’s over Zoom or in Slack, it doesn't become real until it goes into Linear. It’s become the nucleus of our organization.
Amanda Peyton, CEO & Co-founder
Using the tool creates a sense of momentum. It goes beyond just issue tracking.
Kurt Ruppel, CTO & Co-founder
In a remote world communication tools are everything. You move as fast as your communication tools.
Dani Grant, Co-founder