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Linear Method

Launch and keep launching

There is a false belief there needs to be a singular moment for launch. This doesn’t have to be the case and a lot of times many startups launch multiple times. It usually works better than having one massive launch. The problem with massive launches is that it takes time to prepare and they are riskier. There is also an increased risk that the launch won’t work and all the work is wasted. By launching multiple times, you are building your story and brand over time and compounding the interested people have. Each launch builds more following, which then helps your future launches.

Secondly, in the first months or years, your product is likely not a fit for everyone. It’s better to launch early, start getting users and momentum, than trying to wait for that perfect moment.

Similar to changelogs, launching keeps reminding the market about the fact your company exists and you’re making process.

For example, when we launched Linear we announced the company before we had the product built. We launched when we raised seed funding and evolved the product. We launched when we opened the product for everyone and added pricing. We launched when we did a Series A and evolved the product. Each of the launches had reached more people and generated more customers than the previous ones. Had we only launched once, it would have taken us 1.5 years to get to the state and we wouldn’t have learned as much and would have as many customers as we have today.