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See assigned issues from Linear in Superlist, get updates and see comments

Superlist and Linear apps together on an orange background
Superlist and Linear apps together on an orange background
Linear issues appearing in Superlist inbox
Linear and Superlist are synced together


With the Superlist x Linear integration, you can keep track of issues as tasks in Superlist.

How it works

The Superlist integration for Linear will automatically create Superlist tasks in your Inbox when a Linear issue is assigned to you.

Additionally, it will synchronize the status of issues (opened - closed) and you can configure it in settings.
Comments from Linear issues will appear in the connected Superlist task and there will be a link back to the Linear issue from within Superlist.


You can connect multiple Linear accounts to Superlist. Here’s how:
- Click on Settings and navigate to Integrations.
- Locate Linear in the list and click Configure.
- Select Connect account and a new window will open.
- Click Authorize Superlist.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building