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Keep your teams in sync with this two-way integration, connecting Linear and Kualitee issues

kualitee interface syncing to Linear
kualitee interface syncing to Linear


This integration between Linear and Kualitee streamlines project management by seamlessly syncing tasks and issues. It empowers users to efficiently manage their projects, tasks, and bug tracking.

How it works

Linear's integration with Kualitee ensures that your teams stay synchronized effortlessly. QA teams can log issues with pre-configured mapping between Kualitee and Linear. This integration synchronizes critical information, including defect descriptions, task names, and statuses, making it convenient for teams to collaborate. You can seamlessly convert Linear tasks into Kualitee issues and vice versa.

Enjoy the flexibility to create issues in Linear or in Kualitee without the hassle of switching between applications for assignment and tracking.


To configure the two-way integration between Kualitee and Linear, you need admin access on the tools. The integration is basic, with hard-coded field to field mapping.

  • In Kualitee, go to 'Settings' and select 'Integration' from the top bar
  • Go to ‘Create New’ in the external tool integration listing
  • Select Linear tool from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the personal access token of your Linear account
  • Click ‘Save’ button to confirm a successful integration and to start syncing tasks from Linear to Kualitee as Defects.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building