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Progress with full visibility

Linear is built in pursuit of high-performance. Automatic workflows and powerful Git integrations create focus and routine. Customizable views and filters let you keep track of your work from any angle. Everything is streamlined so that you can progress with full speed, full flexibility and full visibility.

Automated workflows

Workflows that work for you

Linear was developed with a singular purpose: To help your team move faster. The result are simple yet flexible workflows that automate away your busy work. Tailored to your team’s unique way of working, they enable you to do your most demanding work without constraint.

Issue states in Linear: backlog, todo, in progress, and in review.
Putting flow back into workflow.

Fully configurable workflows

Use Linear’s default set of issues statuses or create customized workflows to match your team's unique processes.

Auto-close & auto-archive

Automatically close issues that haven’t been updated in a set amount of time. Auto-archive issues and cycles after a configurable period of time.

Cycle automations

Cycles run on an automated schedule to reduce unnecessary date math and help create routine. Any unfinished work rolls over to the next cycle automatically.

Service-level agreements (SLAs)
Plus Feature

Surface your most time-sensitive issues and set guidance on completion deadlines with SLAs.

Git integrations

Git + Linear. A powerful productivity combo.

One seamless experience for all your workflows. Link Linear with GitHub and GitLab and automate your pull request workflows. Less manual updates, less context switching. More focus, more flow.

Activity feed of a Linear issue showing that the GitHub integration automatically changed the status to In Review once a PR was linked.
All your workflows, synced and automated in perfect harmony

Link and automate PRs and MRs

Link your GitHub pull requests or GitLab merge requests to Linear issues. Set up automations so that PR and MR updates directly change the status of linked Linear issues.

GitHub commit linking

Add magic words to your commit messages to automatically move issues to In Progress when the branch is pushed and Done when the commit is merged to the default branch.

Auto-assign and update status

Auto-assign issues to yourself and move them to a started status when you copy the git branch name.

PR review status

See the reviewers and review states of your pull and merge requests directly in Linear.

Immediate notifications

Speed up communication between developers and the rest of your team. Anyone subscribed to an issue will get a notification that it's been completed immediately upon PR merge.

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Majd Taby


Linear’s GitHub integration is so perfect it tickles my brain.

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Notification inbox

Your own center of attention

A place for all the must-knows you can’t miss. The inbox is a notification center where you’ll find important updates on issues in your workspace. Fully configurable and packed with powerful features, it always keeps you in the know.

An issue in the inbox titled "Careers page design".
Do it now or snooze for later

Fly through your notifications

Like everything in Linear, Inbox is designed to help you move faster. Manage your notifications at breakneck speed with powerful keyboard shortcuts. Zero in on what matters and snooze the rest for later until you hit Inbox Zero.

Subscribe to what’s important to you

Manage which issues you are subscribed to and configure which issue updates you want to be notified about. You can also sign-up for project and team-level alerts.

Get updates via Slack, your browser, or email

Select where and when you’ll be notified. Receive realtime Desktop or Slack notifications, or select email digests which group notifications together.

Filters and Views

Get your issues in order

Linear’s powerful filtering system provides unprecedented levels of granularity and customizability. Apply filters, operators and filter combinations to refine issue lists down to the core tasks you need to focus on. Save, favorite and share custom views for easy access and faster team collaboration.

A list of many issue filters.
Zero in on what’s important for you

Powerful and flexible filters

Refine existing views and create custom views to show only the relevant issues. Choose from numerous filter types and combine them in different ways.

Build with operators

Include or exclude part of a filter, control how label filters should match against issues in the view, and combine filters together to show views with all or any filters applied.

List and Board

Show issues in list view or switch to a board layout.

My Issues

A specially curated view that shows you your most important issues at a glance.

Label Views

Quickly see all the issues associated with a specific label.

User Views

Create views that show you how work is distributed across your team.

Create your own views

Build custom views that show only the issues you want to see. You can save them, add them to your favorites, or share them with other team members.

Peek preview

Quickly view the details of focused issues at a glance from any list or board view without having to open the issue.

View options

Group, order, sort, and choose what information shows up on your view.


Add your most important views to your sidebar for quick access.

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Luke Chesser

Co-Founder & 
Head of Product

When we tried Linear, we knew we’d found something magical. Every team has its own needs with its own process, and somehow Linear manages to be flexible enough to solve for all of them without being confusing.

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Put a label on it.

Structure and organize your issues with multi-select labels or single-select label groups.

A dropdown menu showing different labels and label groups
Organize and standardize work across your company


Create labels to help organize issues on your team. You can filter by label when creating views and sifting through search results to help you find the issues you need. Labels can be created on the workspace level, or they can be team-specific, so they can be customized to your team's needs.

Label Groups

For even greater control, you can create groups of single-select labels. This allows you to add attributes such as Issue Type, Version, Component, or Platform to your issues.

Powerful search

Quickly find what you’re looking for

Look for issues across your entire workspace, including archived and deleted issues. Linear’s search incorporates issue titles, descriptions, and comments.

Issue search results for the query "readme".
Find the right issue in an instant

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