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Meet your new superpower

Linear is designed based on the practices and processes that distinguish world-class product teams from the rest: relentless focus, fast execution, and a commitment to the quality of craft. It’s a professional tool built for professionals. Make the switch — your team will thank you for it.

Blazingly fast

Built with a high-performance architecture and an obsessive focus on speed, Linear sets a new standard for modern productivity software. The fastest tool of its kind, it powers professional teams to move faster and do their best work.

Designed to make you faster

From start up to issue creation, every interaction in Linear feels instantaneous.

Real-time sync

Synchronized in real-time across all users. No spinners or waiting.

Keyboard-first design

Linear’s keyboard-first design empowers pro users to move even faster. Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts. Every command is just fingertip away. In combination with the app’s high-performance architecture, it feels like you have superpowers.

The Linear command menu, with actions like "Un-assign from me" and "Set status...".
Hit ⌘+k to access anything in mere seconds

Keyboard shortcuts for everything

Optimized for speed and efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts for every major action.

Command line

Any action can be accessed and completed in seconds with Linear’s command menu.

GraphCMS logo

Michael Lukaszczyk

CEO & Co-founder

You open up Linear quickly. The app loads fast and you can use keyboard shortcuts for everything. It takes a couple of seconds to create an issue and then you can focus back on what you were working on. There is less context switching and Linear feels like an extension of your brain.

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API & Webhooks

The Linear API together with webhooks lets you extend Linear's functionality beyond what we provide out of the box.

Grid of logos for products that Linear integrates with, including Slack, Zapier, GitHub, and Sentry.
Bring the Linear experience to the rest of your productivity stack

Linear API

Query and mutate data using Linear’s GraphQL API to build custom workflows.

Low-code solutions

Use Linear’s Zapier or Google Sheets integrations to build workflows and analytics.

3rd-party applications

Enhance your Linear experience with a growing list of third-party apps and integrations built with and for Linear. Find community-built add-ons and integrations for Discord, Codestream,, Raycast, Qualdesk, GitHub Issues, and more.

Make it yours

We designed Linear to be both beautifully simple and simply beautiful. It comes with meticulously designed light and dark modes out of the box, but can be tailored to your personal preferences with custom color themes, icons and emojis.

Multiple screenshots of the Linear desktop app in dark, light, and custom themes.
Choose a theme or make your own

Dark mode and custom themes

Chosse between light and dark mode or apply custom themes to change the colors of your workspace.

Icons in every shape and color

70 designs in 16,777,217 colors. Customize Linear projects and views with the perfect icons to match.

Custom emojis

Upload custom emojis to Linear or import your existing emoji library from Slack.

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Chandan Lodha


We tried several project management tools. They helped us track progress. Linear helps us make progress.

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Cross-platform apps

Linear works across web, desktop, and mobile – or all of them at once.

Side-by-side Linear desktop apps for Windows and macOS
Linear fits your device.


Linear was built from the ground up as a web-first application. Launch it anywhere, from any modern web browser, and enjoy every feature – including offline support. No install needed.


Download the Linear app for macOS Intel, macOS Apple Silicon, or Windows for an optimized experience with native notifications. Our Desktop apps support a wider range of keyboard shortcuts, and updates are downloaded and installed in the background automatically so you’re always using the best Linear.


Use Linear on your mobile or tablet devices with our Progressive Web App (PWA) saved to your homescreen. Linear’s command menu is always a two-finger tap away.

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