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Collaborate without constraints

A new center of gravity for productivity and collaboration. Linear keeps everyone in your organization aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, product managers and peers — all collaborating in one tool.

Project Updates

Project Updates are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects.

A newsfeed of all project updates
A progress report of all your projects

Is the project still on track?

Project Updates consist of two simple elements: A health indicator and a rich text description. The health indicator provides a high-level signal of the current project state. The rich text description allows to provide more in-depth information on the progress of the project.

To get into the habit of posting updates regularly, you can set up automatic reminders that show up in your Inbox at a specified interval.

Read and subscribe

Project Updates appear directly on the Roadmap, giving you a clear and structured progress overview of all your team's projects at a single glance.

Subscribe to the projects that are most important to you and receive notifications whenever a new Project Update has been posted.

Share on Slack

Automatically share updates to Slack for enhanced visibility.

Cross-team projects

Linear is designed to empower everyone in your company. No matter if it’s engineering, design, marketing, or customer support. Create dedicated teams for people who regularly work together and organize tasks within teams or collaborate in cross-team projects.

The "CLU" project split across the "X Dev" and "Design" teams.
Work collaboratively across teams

Team-specific workflows

Workflow and Cycle settings can be configured to support different ways of team work.

Cross-team projects

Projects can be shared across multiple teams. You can view a roadmap for your organization or team roadmaps.

Private teams

Create private teams for issues that should only be accessed by certain workspace members.

Render logo

Danielle Schugars

Software Engineer

It's also been helpful that members of our team outside of engineering feel comfortable in Linear. We can share issues without friction and they can use the tool without much onboarding.

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We believe that productivity and collaboration shouldn’t be separated. Discuss details, share information, exchange feedback, or add context. Right where it matters.

Comments on issue: "I'm not able to reproduce this bug", followed by a reply "Can you try this?" with a link to a Loom recording.
Discuss issues in context


Discuss issues seamlessly without losing context. Comments in Linear support full Markdown and can be augmented with code blocks, images, videos, and other files.

Emoji reactions

React to previous comments with 👍, 😕, 💖, or any other emoji.

Slack comments

Comment on issues directly from Slack.


Triage is your special inbox for managing issues created with integrations or by members outside of your Linear team. A simple yet powerful workflow to prioritize and assign tickets quickly.

Linear's Triage view showing the actions "Accept", "Merge", "Decline", and "Snooze".
Link issues to their related customer conversations

A special inbox for your team

Anytime an issue is created from an integration or by a workspace member outside your specific Linear team, it will show up in Triage. This gives team members a chance to review, update, and prioritize issues before they are added to the team's workflow.

Take action

Review Triage issues and then accept, merge, cancel or snooze them.

Support integrations

Get more out of Triage by connecting it to our integrations with Intercom, Front, or Zendesk. This allows your customer support team to create new Linear issues and link to existing ones directly from their customer support tool.

Slack integration

Bring the magic of Linear to your favorite communication platform. The result is a powerful productivity partnership that keeps everyone in sync.

The Slack autocomplete popup that appears when typing `/linear`.
Create issues directly from Slack

Create issues from Slack

Type the /linear command into any channel or direct message to create an issue directly from Slack.

Customizable notifications

Receive team and project updates to dedicated channels or enable personal Slack notifications.

Retool logo

Alex Tapper

Deployed Engineer

The ability to have a single place to communicate around bugs and feature requests is genuinely very helpful. We can point to Linear as the source of truth where people will update information and have conversations.

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Support workflows

Seamlessly embed Linear into your existing customer support workflows. Connect your Front, Intercom or Zendesk accounts to facilitate keeping track of bugs and feature requests for you and your team.

Linear's Front integration showing the status of an issue linked to a Front conversation.
Bring the magic of Linear to your CX stack

Zendesk integration

Create new issues straight from your Zendesk widget.

Intercom integration

Create and link Linear issues from Intercom conversations. No context switching required.

Front integration

Create Linear issues directly from Front conversations. Closed issues automatically re-open the Front conversation so you can get back to users with an update.

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