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Collaborate without constraints

A new center of gravity for productivity and collaboration. Linear keeps everyone in your organization aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, product managers and peers — all collaborating in one tool.

Project Updates

Keep everyone in the loop

Project Updates are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects.

A newsfeed of all project updates
A progress report of all your projects

Is the project still on track?

Project Updates consist of two simple elements: A health indicator and a rich text description. The health indicator provides a high-level signal of the current project state. The rich text description allows to provide more in-depth information on the progress of the project.

To get into the habit of posting updates regularly, you can set up automatic reminders that show up in your Inbox at a specified interval.

Read and subscribe

Project Updates appear directly on the Roadmap, giving you a clear and structured progress overview of all your team's projects at a single glance.

Subscribe to the projects that are most important to you and receive notifications whenever a new Project Update has been posted.

Share on Slack

Automatically share updates to Slack for enhanced visibility.


A powerful workflow to manage unplanned work

Triage is a shared inbox to manage bug reports, feature requests, outages, and other issues that arise unexpectedly.

Linear's Triage view showing the actions "Accept", "Merge", "Decline", and "Snooze".
Link issues to their related customer conversations

A special inbox for your team

Anytime an issue is created from an integration or by a workspace member outside your specific Linear team, it will show up in Triage. This gives team members a chance to review, update, and prioritize issues before they are added to the team's workflow.

Triage responsibility

Automatically assign or notify team members about incoming new issues.

Support integrations

Get more out of Triage by connecting it to our integrations with Intercom, Front, or Zendesk. This allows your customer support team to create new Linear issues and link to existing ones directly from their customer support tool.

Twingate logo

Eran Kampf

Director of Engineering

Filing a bug in Linear is a just few keyboard strokes away and, more importantly, everyone knows that the ticket will be triaged and resolved!

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Collaborate without losing context

We believe that productivity and collaboration shouldn’t be separated. Discuss details, share information, exchange feedback, or add context. Right where it matters.

Comments on issue: "I'm not able to reproduce this bug", followed by a reply "Can you try this?" with a link to a Loom recording.
Discuss issues in context


Discuss issues seamlessly without losing context. Comments in Linear support full Markdown and can be augmented with code blocks, images, videos, and other files.

Emoji reactions

React to previous comments with 👍, 😕, 💖, or any other emoji.

Slack comments

Comment on issues directly from Slack.

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Alex Tapper

Engineering Manager

We use Linear comments extensively. It’s the place where people have conversations and share updates — and we point to Linear as the source of truth.

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Slack sync

Slack and Linear. Quite the pair.

Bring the magic of Linear to your favorite communication platform. The result is a powerful productivity partnership that keeps everyone in sync.

A screenshot of both the Slack app and the Linear app showing a thread that is synchronized across both apps
Sync comment threads between Slack and Linear

Create issues from Slack

Create issues directly from Slack channels or DMs. Add assignee, priority, labels, and other fields. Specify Slack-specific templates and synchronize issue discussions and updates with Slack threads.

Linear Asks: Turn Slack requests into actionable issues

Streamline bug reports, feature ideas, IT tickets, HR requests, and more with Linear Asks. Everyone in your Slack workspace can submit requests directly from Slack and automatically send them to the relevant team in Linear — even if they don’t have a Linear account.

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Sync threads between Slack and Linear

Bi-directionally sync comments between Slack and Linear, so that any message or file posted in the Slack thread will automatically cross-post to a comment thread in the Linear issue and vice versa. Linear also posts updates to the synced thread when the issue is completed, closed, or opened. This keeps everyone following along in Slack updated.

Customizable notifications

Enable personal notifications to receive Inbox notifications in Slack. Team and project notifications can be directed to dedicated Slack channels to keep everyone in the company updated.

Not on Slack?

With Linear's Discord integration you can also create issues directly from your Discord server.

Cash App logo

Katherine Velasco

Technical Product Lead

The integrations with GitHub and Slack make our lives so much easier! Spinning up a new Linear issue directly from a Slack thread gets our conversations tracked and scoped, and cuts down on team churn.

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Figma integration

Streamline work across design and engineering

Connect Linear with Figma to enable a realtime, bi-directional connection that keeps design work aligned across teams and tools.

A screenshot of the Linear plugin for Figma. It shows the Linear panel with a list of issues that are linked to elements on the Figma canvas.
Navigate design tasks in their spatial context

Navigate design tasks in their spatial context

Get an overview of all Linear issues that have been linked to the Figma page you are currently viewing and instantly navigate to the corresponding element on the Figma canvas.

Frictionless design handoffs

Create new issues or link to existing ones directly from the Figma canvas. Issues can be connected to frames, sections, and pages of your design. When you update an issue from either Linear or Figma, the changes immediately get synced across both applications.

Support workflows

Keep a tight feedback loop with your customers

Seamlessly embed Linear into your existing customer support workflows. Connect your Front, Intercom or Zendesk accounts to facilitate keeping track of bugs and feature requests for you and your team.

A screenshot of a support tool with the Linear integration
Create issues directly from your support tool. No context switching required.

Zendesk integration

Create new issues straight from your Zendesk widget. Use templates to follow your existing workflows and file high quality bug reports and feature requests.

Intercom integration

Create and link Linear issues from Intercom conversations. Add templates to pre-fill available fields such as title, description, status, and label as well as create sub-issues when applicable.

Front integration

Create Linear issues directly from Front conversations. Closed issues automatically re-open the Front conversation so you can get back to users with an update.

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