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Data to enhance your intuition

Building truly great products is both art and science. It’s part intuition and part data. To help with the data part, Linear offers a variety of advanced reporting and analytics features.

Analytical Reporting

Get deep, real-time insights into your workspace performance. Identify areas that need your attention and make informed decisions.

Insights panel inside the Linear app with a bar chart
Identify which areas need your attention and make better decisions.

Coming soon
Plus Feature

Analytical Reporting is rolling out to Plus workspaces in early 2023.

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Progress Insights

Keep track of your team’s progress with real-time insights for projects and cycles.

A progress chart for a Cycle with progress numbers broken down by label.
Break it down.

Project insights

See exactly how much work is scoped, started, and completed in each project - and how your progress has changed over time. Identify when a project will complete with live predictions. Break it down to see individual progress insights by assignee or label.

Cycle insights

The cycle progress chart gives you insight into what is being worked on and what is done. Understand how much scope was added or removed since the start of the cycle and break your cycle data down by project, label, or assignee.

Data Export

Export your Linear data to create custom analytics and dashboards.

A drop down menu in a Linear view showing an option to export issues as CSV

Airbyte integration
Plus Feature

Connect Linear to Airbyte and consolidate your data in data warehouses, lakes, and databases.

Google Sheets integration

Automatically sync your Linear issue data to Google Sheets to build your own analytics dashboards and manage custom metrics your team might track.

CSV export

Export issue data in form of a CSV report from any view, including team, project, cycle, and custom made views.

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