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The true state of our work

My favorite aspect of Linear is how many tickets get filed now.

Before we adopted Linear, we worked with a legacy issue tracker that is well-known but not well-liked. And as a result, people didn’t actually use it. They tried to stay away from the tool as long as possible, managing work offline and only submitting tickets when there was no other choice left.

I got used to hearing people say “Oh yea, I noticed that bug too” and wonder “Then why didn’t you file a ticket?”. The information in our issue tracker was never an accurate representation of the reality we were in. It was always incomplete or out-dated.

By moving our engineering team to Linear, we’ve been able to make a 180° shift and now have the confidence that our issues and projects really reflect the true state of our work. Unlike our previous issue tracker, Linear is not just built for the way we work but people actually enjoy using it. Filing a bug in Linear is a just few keyboard strokes away and, more importantly, everyone knows that the ticket will be triaged and resolved!

Following the success with our engineering team we were able to onboard other functions (Support, Sales, Legal, ...) and enable them to modern work processes on top of the system.

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Eran Kampf
Director of Engineering
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February 2023
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