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Customer Story


Lets us share product ownership

We could see that tasks were getting done faster and the product quality improved.

We had outgrown our current tools and were looking for a tool that would scale with us. We also wanted a tool that was easy for everyone to use.

As a small startup it was important that people could take ownership of their work. I’ve found that people do better work when they own the responsibility. You should write your own issues. You should understand why the code is delivered the way it is and be able to reflect on what different paths you can take along with their time costs and tradeoffs.

Because Linear is low touch, anyone in the company can enter the product development process. Everyone on our team up to their level of comfort owns some aspect of the product and manages their own tasks and projects. This also frees up my time for higher leverage work like talking to customers.

Linear felt like a natural fit to our process and in fact elevated it. The app creates a sense of momentum. You create an issue, work on it, and then it almost guides you to completion.

Signature of Kurt Ruppel
Kurt Ruppel
CTO & Co-founder