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Focuses issue tracking toward action

Our product got better and our releases got shorter and we’ve had fewer bugs because we now have every single detail written down in Linear.

I think it’s helped productivity due to the fact that it’s fast. It matters because the team can stay focused on delivering value for our customers and that means we can market our product better and faster. It took us one day of consideration and not even the full day to move to Linear.

What Linear changed is that it takes the same amount of time to create an issue as it does to write something in Slack. Instead of talking about an issue, what we're doing now is creating the issue, no matter how small or relevant or irrelevant at that time. That didn't happen before because creating tickets took a lot of work.

This is where speed really matters. You open up Linear quickly. The app loads fast and you can use keyboard shortcuts for everything. It takes a couple of seconds to create an issue and then you can focus back on what you were working on. There is less context switching and Linear feels like an extension of your brain.

I'm quite amazed by the delivery speed and the pace that Linear is delivering features. I’ve sent feedback and then seen my request get delivered a couple of weeks later. We appreciate that a lot. That's also how we like to work over at GraphCMS. We like to deliver fast and Linear helps us do that.

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Michael Lukaszczyk
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