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Gave everyone a voice in product development

Linear makes it easy for everyone on the team to be a stakeholder in the product.

At a lot of companies, the PM will tell you what you're going to work on. They break everything up into tasks and assign it to you. You become this coding monkey that is responsible for punching out code and your input is coffee and dollars.

At Doppler, it's the polar opposite. Everyone on our team is responsible for their own tasks. We have this high-level goal of what we want to accomplish. Everyone puts their own issues into Linear. My job and team's job generally is to make sure that we're working on the right things. People get to be a stakeholder, add their own work, and say, "This is what I believe we should be working on, at least for my domain in the company." It makes everyone feel that they have a voice.

We even take it a step further and let people create issues for others. They can come up with an idea, assign it to someone, then that person can acknowledge that they are going to work on it because it goes into a sprint cycle when it’s moved to todo. Once work is shipped, the issue creator is notified and can even follow up with the customer afterwards. That's powerful. It would have never happened in a nonlinear world.

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Brian Vallelunga
CEO & Founder