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Customer Story


A tool that grows with us

Linear has helped us keep our momentum as we’ve grown and even sped it up.

We use Craft for almost everything internally, from knowledge management to stand-ups to gathering ideas. We saw that bug reporting and smaller improvements didn't fit well, though, so we tried Linear. We don't think all-in-one tools work. While we use very few tools outside of Craft, Linear is one of them.

We loved how lightweight Linear was and that we could gradually add more features to our workflow as our team needed them. We used the app with its default settings from day one without having to modify configurations or create new processes. We signed up, created issues, and then started tracking them. A few weeks later we started using projects. Recently we began using cycles to give us a clear view of goals for the week and progress we're making toward them. Someone on our team built an integration between Linear and Craft in one day. The app has become a critical part of our daily life.

We love to move fast. We care about delivering features that are polished and fun to use. We’ve learned over the years to avoid tools that slow us down or bring us out of our flow. At startups, it’s even more critical to ship fast. Linear helps us do this.

Signature of Viktor Páli
Viktor Páli
Product Manger