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Customer Story


Empowering every team

When evaluating tools, I look for the top-class product in that industry. Linear’s caliber of speed, design, and customer experience was clear from the moment we started using it.

Their approach aligns with how we build products and work with customers at Alan. This gave us the confidence that Linear would be the right partner for us as we grew. Our original plan had been to trial Linear with a couple of product teams. Within weeks, people from data science, marketing, ops, and other areas asked to try it, too, and then moved their teams into Linear. This is possible because Linear enables teams to be autonomous and have their own workflows. We love that Linear’s design empowers teams to work in their own ways, and lets you distribute product ownership to individuals, while helping us all work together more cohesively and powerfully as a company.

Signature of Alex Gerlic
Alex Gerlic
Head of Engineering