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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Streamlined issue extensions

Streamlined issue extensions

To simplify the issue view we designed the issue extensions (Github, Gitlab, and Sentry links) to take less space while keeping the same information.

No more pointers

We've arrived at a point where we feel that Linear is a true application, not a web page. We have keyboard shortcuts, contextual menus, no page loads, and realtime updates. To double down on the application-like behavior, we have removed pointer cursors from the entire application, except links to external resources.

Helping the climate

At Linear, we want to do our part in helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. Starting today, 1% revenue from Linear subscriptions will go towards carbon removal. This happens through Stripe’s new climate initiative which you can read more on their blog.

Other improvements and fixes

  • When a cycle has a custom name, its icon will now display the number of the cycle
  • Cycle graphs improved the way the dates on their x-axis are rendered
  • Cycle graphs in the Cycle detail pane now contain a legend
  • New icons for issue relationship
  • Desktop windows locations are now retained between launches
  • More controls now react to mouse hover
  • Improvements to the color picker of the Project editor
  • Better support for keyboard shortcuts for Russian and other non-Latin keyboards
  • Fixes to keyboard shortcuts for parent/sub-issue navigation
  • Fixed several issues with clients getting out of sync
  • Improved the reliability of saving outstanding changes under certain edge cases, like refreshing the client just after a database migration
  • Comment notifications now link directly to the comment
  • A number of fixes to contextual menus
  • Fixes to workspace creation
  • Templates are no longer applied on top of the data from a pre-filled issue creation link
  • Fixed search in smaller screens
  • Fixes to rendering cards on the boards
  • Fixes the order of rendering of modifier keys for macOS