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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Project Milestones

A screenshot of the milestones feature in Linear

Project Milestones

Every project is a journey. You might have a clear end goal in mind, but the path to get there is shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, making it challenging to navigate and stay on track.

To shine some light into the fog, we are introducing Project Milestones — a new way to divide and organize work within projects.

Milestones mark important points in a project’s lifecycle that the team needs to synchronize on. They make these key moments legible and break the project down into more granular phases.

A screenshot of milestones

Creating project milestones in Linear is easy: All you need is a name and a target date (the latter is optional). You can then assign issues to it (+M is the fastest way to move an issue to a milestone).

The project side-panel contains an overview of your milestones with progress data for each of them. Click on a milestone to instantly see all issues associated with it.

Milestones are also visible on roadmaps, highlighting the stage each project is currently in and how much progress has been made. This gives you a better understanding of what’s going on across multiple streams of work.

A screenshot of a roadmap that highlights the most recent milestone for each project

We designed Milestones to answer a fundamental question that every project team faces: “Where are we?

Milestones act as reassurance that you are still on the correct path, but they also give you a sense of how far you have come. They are a reflection point. So you can look back and celebrate what you have achieved, before taking the next step towards your final destination.

Triage notifications

We've added notifications for when an issue is added to a team's triage queue. These will allow you to stay up to date and respond quickly to issues in your team's triage queue. You can easily subscribe to these notifications from the team's header in the sidebar, the command menu, or the "Teams" section in your notification settings.

Once subscribed, you can triage issues directly from your inbox. You can also receive the notifications across all the other regularly available notification channels.

Label group support for Views and Insights

You can now group issues by "Label group". This will let you pick a label group in the View options and group issues based on the labels inside that group.

Because an issue can only have one label from a group, you are sure each issue will only appear once in the list, unlike when grouping by "Label".

This feature is also available on Insights where you can select it as a Dimension or Segment, even on scatterplot charts.