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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Linear Preview: Views

Linear preview: Views

We're adding support for custom issue views as a Linear preview feature. This makes it easy to create and save views that include exactly the issues you want to see. Your can favorite saved views so that they show up in the sidebar, giving you easy access to them. You can also share views with colleagues within your organization.

Examples of views that you could create:

  • Bugs reported across different teams
  • Issues you have recently completed
  • Unprioritized issues in the backlog

We hope you'll find a lot more uses for custom views and we think this will make Linear work better for many different types of organizations.

Admins can turn on Views for your workspace by selecting Enable: Views from the command menu (Cmdk then search for "preview"). Views will show up under My Issues. Click on it to create your first view or save any existing list or board view as a custom view with AltV or by clicking the save view icon.

Other improvements

  • You can now see issues from all teams working on a project in the same view
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong issue to be opened in Inbox and search
  • Fixed so pressing Esc in Settings returns you to the issue lists
  • Adds option to subscribe/unsubscribe to team notifications in the contextual menu for teams in the sidebar
  • Fixed embeds for Loom videos after their URLs changed. Improved performance in board views
  • Fixed date input fields for Firefox users
  • Improved the Due date icon in command menus
  • Fixed a bug where due dates would show in the wrong time zone in issue history