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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Issue selection

Issue selection

Navigating between issues, selecting and moving them around are some of the most common interactions in Linear. We have recently made some significant improvements to how you select issues and added a few new features to lists and boards:

  • Multi-select has always been available in lists but now you can also select multiple issues in board columns.
  • It's now possible to drag and drop multiple issues on both board and list views.
  • All select and navigation interactions & keyboard shortcuts are now the same between lists and boards.
  • Selected items have a new design on both boards and lists.
  • ShiftClick and ShiftCmdClick now select issues in lists and board columns. You can still use the existing keyboard shortcuts (X and ShiftX).
  • We've added two-dimensional navigation with arrow keys in board views.

Hopefully, these changes should make everyday tasks in Linear feel easier and more intuitive.

Multiple accounts

We've had support for multiple workspaces for a few months but you were limited to viewing workspaces under a single Linear account. If you had multiple workspaces under different email accounts, that meant you had to log out and back to switch between workspaces or keep Linear open in different browsers.

This week we're rolling out multi-account support. Once you're logged into Linear, you can add another account and then seamlessly switch between them.

This makes it much easier to have a work and personal Linear account along with a myriad of other use cases.

To add an account or switch between them, click on your workspace name to use the new account switcher that replaced the workspace switcher in the upper left corner. You can also switch accounts through the command menu (CmdK) by simply typing the name of the workspace.

Other improvements

  • Fixed cycle graphs for the lucky few who live in the GMT+13 timezone
  • Fixed a bug in project contextual menu
  • URLs with special characters are now correctly turned into links in comments and issue descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where issue estimates in contextual menus were incorrect
  • Improved how todo lists in issue descriptions work
  • Made sure special characters in issue urls work correctly in our Slack integration
  • Fixed a few crashes in contextual menus
  • Made changes synchronize faster to other team members
  • Added spellcheck to the desktop app