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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Project update comments

A project update in Linear showing a comment posted from Slack

Project update comments

You can now comment on project updates to discuss changes and ask follow up questions. Comments sync bi-directionally across Linear and Slack, so everyone can chime in on one thread — even teammates who don't have a Linear account.

You can now also:

  • Subscribe to receive updates from specific projects
  • Copy project updates as markdown for easy sharing
  • Disable progress report metrics on individual updates


A long-standing feature request, Linear now support tables in issue descriptions, documents, and comments. Add a table using the /table command.

Branch-specific workflow automations

Set custom workflow automations based on particular target branches with our GitHub and GitLab integrations. For example, you can set up your workflow so that when a PR is merged to…

  • staging -> the issue status will change to In QA
  • main -> the issue status will change to Deployed

You can also override a default rule in a particular branch with no action if desired, so that issues linked to a change in that branch will not change status. Branch rules can also be specified using regex (e.g., ^fea/.* can set automations for all of your feature branches). Update your configuration in your team's Workflow settings.