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New updates and improvements to Linear.


Type @ to mention a teammate or tag an issue, project, or document in Linear


We’ve made it easier to link issues, projects, and documents in Linear. Simply type @ and the name of the object that you want to link in the description or comment, just as you would mention a teammate. As you type, you’ll see matching items appear as options in the search, which we’ve also improved so that the most relevant issues show up.

View explore mode

It is now easier to get started with views. You can make a new view to explore issues without the need to save it first. You can use filters to see a view of issues or projects, configure display options, and even see Insights (if you’re on the Plus plan). This makes it easier to build views, letting you adjust the view incrementally until it meets your need. We’re also utilizing AI to create a prefilled name and description for your view when you’re ready to save it.

The new creation flow also opens up the option to explore data temporarily, so you can answer questions and create one-time reports without cluttering up your workspace with views you’ll never use again. You can share these exploratory views with your coworkers.