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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Burn-up charts

Burn-up chart for Insights showing a set of 3,000 issues. The graph displays issue count over time, week by week, segmented by priority

Burn-up charts

Linear Insights now includes burn-up charts, or cumulative flow diagrams, that show how streams of work have changed over time. Unlike other Insights, burn-up charts display your historical issue data so that you can analyze and detect patterns across specific time windows.

For example, you can create a burn-up chart to investigate how well you’ve been managing bugs over time.

A burn-up chart showing bugs across all engineering teams. There are 418 issues total, segmented by status type. The graph shows a good bug clearance rate, with the majority of bugs being completed and a stable rate of bugs in triage, backlog, and todo.

In this snapshot, we are looking at issues with the label Bug across all engineering teams. You can see the overall bug growth by looking at the top level issue count. By segmenting by Status type, you can compare the ratio of closed to open bugs and see if you are fixing bugs faster than you are creating them. Look for spots where bugs get stuck in Triage or another workflow step.

Apply different segments to your burn-up chart to explore:

  • How effort has been allocated across teams
  • Changes in the type of work your team has focused on
  • If your backlog is under control
  • How scope has increased in a specific project

By default, burn-up charts show data in monthly increments. Adjust Insights settings to plot the data week over week, include archived issues, or to expand the view to fullscreen. Burn-up charts based on large data sets can take a bit longer to generate. We are working on performance improvements to get them to the same speed that you are used to from other Linear features.

Insights is now out of beta and available to all Plus plan customers. Learn more about the feature and sign up to a free 30-day trial to try Insights and see if it is right for your team.