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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Linear Insights

screenshots of the new linear insights panel

Linear Insights

Today, we are excited to launch Linear Insights into public beta.

Insights offers instant analytics for any stream of work. Aggregate, segment and visualize data across your entire workspace. Spot trends, remove blockers, and make better decisions.

To learn more, head over to the new Linear Insights website, where you can find exact specifications and interactive use cases.

Insights is available in public beta to all workspaces on the Linear Plus plan.
You can sign-up to a free 30 day trial to see if Insights is right for you.

Improvements & Fixes

  • [API] GraphQL responses now include a list of deprecated fields used in the request under
  • [API] We are now correctly clearing issue description if empty string is passed to issueUpdate mutation
  • Improved the No priority icon to be more easily distinguishable from the High priority icon
  • Your last selected quick filter tab will now be remembered even after you close the application
  • Added ability to clear recent searches
  • Added sorting by project name
  • Snoozing and reminder actions will now have titles that better represent the input you typed in
  • Tweaked the project health icons
  • Clarified copy on error message when attempting to link a Discord message in a private channel
  • [Desktop] It's now possible to create a new project from File => New project

  • Fixed a problem with service worker not being registered and and desktop push notifications not working in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where completing or canceling an issue linked to a Front conversation did not always reopen the Front conversation if that setting was toggled on
  • Fixed an incorrect page title appearing when editing a template
  • Fixed incorrect hover states for workflow icons in the list component
  • Removed accidentally exposed developer actions from command menu
  • Fixed a bug in Inbox where inputs could lose focus when a new notification came in
  • Fixed an issue where the filter buttons clickable area on project page was too big
  • Fixed Add a member button not appearing in certain cases
  • Fixed a problem where an issue's project wasn't immediately set to none when the project was deleted and you were looking at the issue
  • The inbox now correctly displays when issues were marked as duplicates rather than indicating that they were canceled
  • Fixed order of items in quick filters section
  • Fixed a bug where some users were having trouble integrating Linear with Notion.