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New updates and improvements to Linear.


A screenshot of the Linear app with different SLAs notifications (high risk, low risk, moderate risk, breached, achieved)

Service-level agreements (SLAs)

Use SLAs to set guidance on when time-sensitive issues should be completed. This gives your team more controls to ensure important issues stay top of mind.

SLAs can be applied to issues manually, or automatically via a set of admin-configurable rules. Linear's default rules apply SLAs for high priority and urgent issues, but you can also substitute or add criteria to rules such as team, project, or label.

When SLAs are at risk of being breached or become breached, subscribers receive a notification immediately. To receive similar notifications for issues you are not subscribed to, you can enable additional SLA notifications options in your notifications settings.

SLAs are available to all workspaces on the Linear Plus and Linear Enterprise plans.

Improvements & Fixes

  • API: Fixed a bug causing the OAuth token revoke endpoint to not properly recognize tokens passed in the Authorization header with the Bearer prefix
  • Fixed a problem with page search losing focus when typing
  • Improved returning from link toolbar to formatting toolbar in editor. By hitting esc the link toolbar will be closed and formatting toolbar will be shown again
  • Better calendar date detection for snooze and reminder actions input
  • The issue filter for dates from a month ago will now properly show up as "1 month ago" rather than "28 days"
  • Improved search results when filtering for nested actions, you can now type .e.g "label bug" or "assign tom"
  • Improved download speeds for user uploaded attachments
  • Fixed a bug causing the OAuth application form to clear when toggling webhooks
  • Improved edit roadmap modal, added "select all" button
  • "Today" button on roadmap page is moved next to "Zoom" control
  • Fixed an issue where the correct issue state would not always be shown for issues in the command menu
  • Fixed an incorrect warning on the project timeline view when a project is created in a completed state
  • Guests will now be able to access Figma integrations as expected
  • In Inbox you can now delete all notifications for done/cancelled issues
  • We fixed a bug where creating a team by copying settings from another team would cause label groups to be lost in the new team
  • Fixed a bug that allowed team members who are not admins to see suspended users in the members list
  • Changed the order of action for a comment moving emoji reactions before comment reply
  • When navigating the inbox and removing items, we now select the next item relative to the way you have been going through the list
  • Fixed "Go to archive" keyboard shortcut,G X, not working on list views
  • Fixed merging team label groups into workspace label group
  • Text formatted as inline code can now also have strike through formatting
  • Opening a GitHub PR related to an issue will now assign the user if the issue is unassigned
  • The edit issue shortcut has been changed to Option E from E. The old shortcut will be repurposed for notification archiving in Inbox view to match popular email applications
  • Projects and Cycles detail panels can be resized
  • Collapsed sidebars will now close automatically if the cursor leaves the app
  • Comment replies notifications are sent only to those users who participated or mentioned in a thread
  • It's now possible to link URLs when creating an issue
  • Prevented users from losing their comment edit when refreshing or closing the page
  • Improved performance in inbox
  • Added "None" option for Show completed issues menu
  • It is now possible to update your Workspace's address from within billing settings. Updated address details will appear on future invoices.
  • Improved team archive page performance.
  • Typing "today" for a date action will now provide a a match for today rather than a year from today
  • Fixed a problem with long label names being overflown in create issue suggestions
  • Project selector now sorts projects by relevance. Completed projects are also available in the list.
  • Fixed a bug where projects would not be ordered correctly when using manual ordering and grouping by team on a roadmap
  • Fixed an issue where a combination of or and in filters would exclude elements incorrectly
  • It is now possible to see just triaged issues in triage view
  • Fixed a bug with workspace issue templates creating sub-issues in triage status
  • Tweaked text selection colors across the app to better match the current theme.
  • Improved the UI for editing issue relations on smaller screens
  • We improved the relevance of results in the command menu
  • Fixed a problem with page search ( f) losing focus
  • Issue states that have the same name but different type are now grouped separately
  • The confirmation dialog when deleting a label now shows how many issues the label will be removed from
  • Fixed a bug where comments on linked Linear issues were sometimes not syncing to Front conversations
  • Fixed link being opened twice when clicking on "Open in…" in the attachment modal