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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Threaded Comments

Image of an open threaded comment message input area beneath an existing comment

Threaded Comments

Send threaded comments to answer questions or give feedback while leaving the main comment feed focused on the work at hand.

To start a thread, press the arrow icon on an existing comment or use the Shift+R shortcut. To collapse threads when viewing an issue, use Shift+X or the command menu.

When a threaded comment is sent to an issue you subscribe to, you'll receive a notification to your inbox.

Improvements & Fixes

  • It's now possible to clear last applied filter using Shift+ F and clear all filters using Shift+Cmd+F in all filterable views: issues, projects, teams, and inbox
  • In triage's view options, you can now order by priority, last updated date and due date
  • Increased prominence of triage actions menu when viewing issues in triage status from your inbox
  • Added a toggle to unsubscribe from issues you accept or decline from the Triage action buttons
  • You can now choose to show issues in Triage on label views in View options
  • Added support for importing the newer style of GitHub projects to Linear
  • Emoji are now more consistently sized across browsers and platforms
  • We now allow admins to initiate an email change for a user in their workspace from within the members page in workspace settings. The user will still have to verify access to the new email address before the change goes through.
  • Fixed a problem when printing an issue page
  • The Find in view text input is now correctly unfocused when closed
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add sub-issues from the full-screen issue creation page
  • Fixed a problem where our user mention scrollbar wasn't dismissing on Safari
  • Fixed a bug where too many sub-issues would be created after switching between templates
  • Fixed a problem with inbox comment notifications not being marked as read under certain conditions
  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl + K not working to link a text selection when editing a sub-issue
  • Fixed visual flickering when rendering the names of parent issues
  • Fixed a problem with the project selector offering projects from a different team when editing a team-level template
  • All URLs that are used in project/cycle description are now converted to clickable links when rendered in a sidebar or list divider
  • Fixed a problem with triage/inbox lists jumping when selecting first element in the list
  • Fixed a bug preventing Slack notifications from being sent for new issues if they included large attachments
  • Fixed a problem on iOS devices where opening a Figma preview would break view scrolling
  • The desktop app will now correctly reload all windows when clearing application data
  • Fixed a bug with Open in desktop tooltip being shown on phones and tablets
  • Revised minimum height of the create issue modal, so it doesn't get squashed when using horizontal orientation on phones and tablets
  • Fixed a problem with opening URLs in issue descriptions on iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue where undoing an issue action in a modal view could action the incorrect issue
  • Fixed the graph of the current cycle incorrectly displayed on the list of cycles on mobile device
  • If you have issues in multiple active cycles these will now be grouped together under a Current cycle heading on the My Issues view
  • Pasting text from OneNote, Word, and other Microsoft Suite products will no longer paste as an image