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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Label Groups

Image of open "add label" menu showing a label group with open sub-labels

Label Groups

After a successful Origins beta with customers, label groups are now available for everyone. This feature creates one level of nesting in workspace and team labels, giving you more options and structure when organizing issues. Internally we’ve created label groups such as Issue Type, Component, and Integrations.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that label groups are properly supported in functionalities across Linear including filters and support integrations. This should give you more flexibility to create the views you need and build powerful analytical reporting (apply for early access). For example, it’s now easy to create a view that filters for all Integrations labels, showing sub-labels automatically.

To create a label group, head to Label settings for your team or workspace. Please note that labels within groups are exclusive, so when applying labels to issues only one label from each group may be applied. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] Fixed a bug where we weren't respecting null values explicitly passed in for auto-prune properties during team creation
  • [API] Roadmaps now have a field for their associated projects
  • Improved first rendering performance for teams with a large number of issues
  • Filtering by members will no longer show guests if you are not filtering in one of their assigned teams
  • You will be redirected to another organization if possible when logging back in after you schedule an organization for deletion
  • Command menu no longer closes if you drag and select while ending your select outside the menu
  • GitHub pull request automation now takes team reviewers into consideration as well when determining what state an issue should be moved to
  • Fixed a bug that disabled opening links from embeds such as Loom and YouTube in the desktop app
  • Fixed a bug where the link editor would not appear when a link within a list was selected
  • Fixed a bug that would unnecessarily delete the local database when a team was deleted
  • Improved wording of notifications
  • We now show a command menu item to jump to advanced search when there are no quick results
  • Added a set of new icons that you can use for teams, projects, and custom views
  • Improved inline search for characters with diacritical marks
  • now opens issue creation in a modal over the full page
  • Fixed a bug where adding an issue relation from an issue in a private team to an issue in a public team could cause crashes for users outside the private team
  • Stopped automatically pre-populating an issue comment with Intercom conversation details when a Linear issue is linked to an Intercom conversation as an attachment
  • Fixed a bug when applying a template would remove currently assigned labels
  • Fixed Airbyte issue export for large payloads
  • Added the ability to copy a roadmap link using the contextual menu
  • Added the ability to select a favorited project as a default home view preference
  • Improved undoing actions on the projects list page
  • Added the ability to include project and status when creating issues via the Sentry integration
  • When grouping projects by status, the statuses are now ordered with In Progress on top, similar to issue statuses
  • After changing the workspace URL, old workspace URLs now redirect to the new URL
  • Cmd/Ctrl Shift A now selects all issues within a group
  • CSV exports now contain information about related roadmaps
  • Mitigated problems with Safari 14 where local database operations would fail frequently
  • You can now find teams in all menus by searching the identifier
  • Made it easier to find the Contact support and Send feedback actions through the command menu
  • You can now open an issue in the full window from Triage & Inbox by searching for Open full issue view in the command menu
  • Fixed a bug where adding emoji would not work on the first click
  • Renamed a few actions: Merge issue to Mark as duplicate of, and Duplicate issue to Make copy as new issue
  • Fixed a bug where certain keyboard shortcuts were triggering even though some keys had been released
  • Fixed a bug with copying a link in a comment when the link has bold/italic/strike-though styling
  • It's now possible to group projects by team. We also updated the design of group headers in roadmap views.
  • Intercom and Discord issue search will now show most relevant issues in the correct order
  • We fixed a bug where issues where moved back to their In Review workflow state if linked pull requests received comments after they were merged or closed
  • Improved keyboard focus behavior in the due date modal selector
  • Projects now default to the current user as the lead
  • Fixed a bug that would let you post empty project updates
  • Fixed a bug where roadmaps that contained private projects from other teams couldn't be edited
  • Updated styling in the issue creation modal
  • Added ability to order projects on a roadmap by target and start dates
  • Projects list can show both start and target dates
  • Fixed Slack emoji importing not working
  • Improved project create modal layout on small devices
  • You can now filter labels on the labels settings pages by whether they are in use or not
  • The transparent sidebar now follows the theme when using a custom theme
  • Roadmaps section is now protected for guest users
  • We now persist the approved or changes requested state of a review on the pull request attachment even if the reviewer left additional comments afterward
  • The list of team members you can assign an issue to in the Zendesk app is now sorted alphabetically
  • If you are an admin, you can now invite new user directly for each Team Members page in the Settings
  • Added the ability to re-order roadmap tabs
  • Fixed a problem with the Create workspace page where the form didn't give visual feedback if the organization name didn't pass validation on API side
  • When setting a parent issue, the sub-issue is now automatically moved to a parent's project when it's possible
  • Fixed the styling of the board/list toggle
  • Fixed a bug with video scrolling that dragged the whole video instead
  • Changed the styling of the Today marker on roadmap timeline
  • The search icon in the sidebar now leads to the full advanced search
  • Quick search can be access through the / or Cmd/Ctrl K shortcuts
  • You can now choose when to automatically add comments to Front conversations or reopen Front conversations based on activity in linked Linear issues
  • Drag and drop on a board grouped by label now works correctly for workspace labels
  • Fixed a bug causing the Jira migration assistant form to occasionally be cleared unexpectedly
  • Fixed a problem that would cause Safari 14 not be able to process model deletions correctly