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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Fixes & Improvements

Design system grid with icons representing different features in the app

Fixes & Improvements

At the bottom of every Linear changelog lives a long bullet point list of smaller changes. We call this list Fixes & Improvements. The items on this list usually don't get a lot attention, because they don't look as exciting as the big, new features that we highlight at the top of the changelog. But that doesn't mean they are not important. On the contrary.

Fixes & Improvements, as the name suggests, contains two different types of work:

Fixes are bugs that we squash. They are negative things that we remove from the app.

Improvements are similar to bugs but different. Like bugs, they are imperfections. Unlike bugs, we don't remove them. Instead we turn them into something positive. They are negative user experiences that we can turn into user delight. They are little big details. Internally, we call them Quality of Life improvements and we think they are incredibly important.

Here are some of the fixes and improvements we shipped last week. May they improve your life and the lives of engineers, designers and PMs around you.

  • Allow bulk changing estimates on issues from different teams, if estimate configuration is the same across all teams
  • Fixed ordering of users on members page
  • Fixed missing state filters on the My issues page. Added a new Completed issues - Past day view option
  • Released to make it easy to download assets
  • Fixed notifications and Slack messages not properly sent when posting a new project update
  • Fixed a small glitch on Safari when the bottom scrollbar was behind issue cards
  • Fixed a problem with the Mark as blocking shortcut on issue page
  • Fixed a bug causing Intercom conversations that were assigned to teams to become unassigned after the conversations were reopened by Linear
  • Guests will now be able to install third-party applications if they have already been installed on your workspace, or if you have third-party application approvals turned on for your workspace and the application has been approved
  • Long issue activity lists are collapsed by default and show only last thirty items
  • Added the option to order issues by estimate
  • Fixed a problem where the notifications screen would not correctly display desktop notification subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug where pasting text from a code editor wouldn't work
  • It's now possible to copy a link to a specific project update
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing non-admins from creating third-party applications approvals
  • You can now select multiple labels when creating an issue from Intercom
  • Improved a11y when creating labels using the command menu. Colors are now displayed as names, rather than hex values.
  • Fixed a bug where same comment was posted multiple times in the Front application when conversations were reopened
  • Fixed an issue where under rare conditions moving an issue with labels to another team would fail
  • We now hide teams that you haven't joined by default in the team selector for new issues
  • Added a view option in the notification inbox to hide read notifications
  • Displays short dates with year if in a different calendar year.
  • Notifications for third-party application approvals will now be automatically deleted when somebody responds to the request
  • Fixed an error where inputting a number would yield no search results if an organization had more than thirty two teams
  • Fixed an issue where updating a documents icon would not be reflected locally until a refresh
  • Added the ability to group projects by status and by lead when the workspace isn't using the "Roadmap" feature
  • [API] Going forward IssueHistory entries will correctly reflect if they were created by an OAuth application when the token used to create the entry uses application actor authorization