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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Project Updates Preview

Project updates promotional image with activity icon

Project Updates [Preview]

We are introducing a brand new concept in Linear called Project Updates. These are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects.

Project Updates consist of two components:

  1. A health indicator that provides a high-level signal of the current state of your project.
  2. A rich text description for more in-depth information on the progress of the project.

Project Updates appear directly on the Roadmap and your team's Projects page, giving you a clear and structured progress overview of all of your projects at a single glance.

You can also automatically share updates to Slack for enhanced visibility. Add these notifications and customize which Slack channel they go to in Slack integration settings.

Project Updates can be posted by any member of the project. We recommend a weekly cadence for these updates to keep everyone up-to-date. To help you get into the habit of posting updates regularly, project leads can set up reminders that show up in their inbox at a specified interval.

When subscribing to personal notifications for a project, you can now choose to receive notifications for issue and project updates or just project updates if you only want to know how the project is doing. Update your project notifications by selecting the bell icon in individual projects.

Enable and configure Project Updates and reminders in Project Updates Settings. We are still working on the last tweaks to this feature and would appreciate any feedback to help make it the best it can be. Watch this video to learn more about project updates and feel free to let us know what you think by sending us a message (? in the app) or in our community Slack.

Grouping and Ordering for My Issues

We added new grouping and ordering view options on the My Issues page.

My Issues was built as a curated view meant to display your most important and relevant issues. It did not let you adjust grouping or ordering and instead ranked issues based on our custom grouping algorithm that puts issues such as blocking and urgent ones at the top of the list. It also only supported list view.

We've turned this curated view into a grouping called Focus, which remains the default grouping for My Issues. You can additionally group issues by status, priority, project, and cycle as you can in any other view in Linear. When issues are grouped by status, priority, project or cycle, you can enable the board layout. You can also choose whether you want to see sub-issues in the view and if you want to see issues that were completed a long time ago.

Workspace Applications

We know that access and data controls are important, so admins on the Plus plan will now see a new Applications page in settings. You can review and manage which third-party applications have been installed and have access to your workspace from this page. You will also be able to see who has granted access to these applications. We have additional improvements planned in this space soon.

Fixes & improvements

  • You can now connect multiple GitHub organizations to your Linear workspace through the pull request integration
  • It's possible to mention projects in comments and descriptions using the "+" prefix
  • Added a confirmation when navigating away from the New issue page
  • Tweaked the color of hovered/active rows in the light theme to add more contrast
  • Fixed a bug where hidden columns would not work correctly when switching between different groupings
  • The naming of issue related actions (change/set estimate, change/set priority, etc) is now more consistent
  • Drafts for sub-issues are now automatically saved when navigating away, and users will be prompted before cancelling a sub-issue draft
  • You can now duplicate views. When viewing a custom made view, open the command menu (Cmd/Ctrl K) and then search for the duplicate view action.
  • Improved the default values applied when creating new issues so that they more often match issues already visible on the screen
  • When issues are converted to a project, all issue subscribers become project subscribers
  • Updated the notification settings layout with sub-sections
  • We've removed the creator as the default assignee when creating issues from Slack
  • We now automatically disconnect the GitLab integration and notify admins when access is forbidden
  • Fixed branch name generation for issues containing semicolons
  • [API] Notification actor is available in the GraphQL API