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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Inline editing

A Linear issue titled Buy Tomatoes being edited

Inline editing

Editing and creating issues should be as fast and seamless as possible, so now we are introducing inline editing, which means that you can edit the issue title and description directly on the issue page. Just click on the issue description or title to start editing. Your changes are saved automatically.

We also updated the full-screen issue creation view with support for changing teams and applying templates, just like in the issue creation modal.

These changes are rolling out to all users over the coming days.

Fixes & Improvements

  • The navigation sidebar can now be toggled with Cmd/Ctrl \ or from the command menu on smaller devices
  • Fixed a bug where milestones would show up on the roadmap unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where the next notification wouldn't be selected after one notification was deleted
  • Fixed a bug where the columns in the roadmap list view would resize incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug causing issues to not be moved to the proper state when a draft PR was opened
  • We fixed an issue where selected checkboxes were hard to see on some themes
  • It's now possible to get "new issue" URLs for workspace templates
  • Improved the Issue Migration Assistant to support importing a larger number of issues (>10k)
  • Added a team setting that lets you choose if issues added or moved to a column go to the bottom or top
  • Improved performance of long comments threads rendering
  • Fixed a problem where an admin wasn't able to access the settings of a team they were removed from until a refresh
  • Fixed mentions and emoji suggestions overflowing the screen when opened too close to an edge
  • Dragging over to a favorite folder now auto-expands to allow easier placement inside
  • Customers can now pay via ACH direct debit in the U.S. and SEPA in Europe (reach out to
  • Reactions can now be undone and redone
  • Fixed an issue where moving up/down while viewing an issue using keyboard shortcuts would not persist after a refresh
  • When loading up the issue page as the first page, layout better preserved
  • Updated the new toolbars design across all views
  • Clicking the + button on issue status rows on views with multiple teams will now immediately open the issue creation modal
  • Linking a draft GitHub pull request to an issue will now move the issue to the draft PR state even if the issue has already been started
  • Added the ability to switch between cycles and custom views by holding and then clicking on the name of the cycle or view
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter from the sub-issue title did not move to the description field
  • Added support for Unicode 14.0 emojis 🫠